The toolbar located at the top of the 86Box window (right below the menu bar) has two purposes: it provides quick actions for the emulated machine on its left hand side, and displays status information on its right hand side.

pause run Pause/resume execution

Pause emulation of the machine. Press again to resume emulation.


Emulation is automatically paused when the emulated machine enters ACPI sleep mode.

hard_reset Hard reset

Force a reset of the emulated machine. Requires confirmation, which can be disabled by checking the Don’t show this message again box.

acpi_shutdown ACPI shutdown

Send a power button press to the emulated machine. Only available on machines with ACPI soft power off support.

send_cad send_cae Press Ctrl+Alt+Del/Ctrl+Alt+Esc

Send a Ctrl+Alt+Del (left-most icon) or Ctrl+Alt+Esc (right-most icon) key combination to the emulated machine. You can alternatively press Ctrl+F12 to send a Ctrl+Alt+Del combination.

settings Settings

Open the Settings window to configure the emulated machine.

Status area

The right hand side of the toolbar displays status information, such as:

  • Emulation speed in percentage. If this number stays consistently below 100%, your host system is not keeping up with emulating the configured hardware.

  • Mouse state (captured or released) if a mouse is enabled.

  • Pause indicator if emulation is paused.